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    1 What is name of the supporting app for Apromio smart devices?
    Both app works with the smart outlet.
    App named "smart life" -  a blue icon in the shape of a house with a little wifi signal coming out of the top right corner of the roof;
    App named "Tuva Smartlife" - an orange icon with a white letter "t" in the center.
    You can download either one in Apple store or Goole play.

    2 What smart devices does the plug support currently?
    The smart plug works with Google Home, Google Home mini, Alexa, and IFTTT currently.

    3 How to install the smart plug?
    Please check the user manual along with the product as well as the ebook manual sent to you.

    4 How to reset the smart plug?
    Long press the button on the mini smart socket for 6 seconds.

    5 Is Alexa or Google Home is a necessary to operate this smart plug?
    No.you can run the the smart plug by either app or Alexa, but Alexa is not required.
    When using Alexa to control, you need to add this smart plug in the app first, and then enbale the skill in Alexa;
    Once you did this, you can say Alexa turn on so and so and it just comes on without the app.

    6 What if I cannot get the smart plug connected with the app or Alexa?
    Please check as follows:
    1.Confirm that the smart plug has been already set up in Easy Mode or AP Mode.
    2.Confirm the smart plug is powered on, and the smart plug, app and router are as close to each other when adding the device.
    3.Make sure the network function of the router is working properly, and the devices are all connected to the SAME Wi-Fi.
    4.Confirm that you have ENABLED the Smart Life skill in Amazon Alexa APP.
    You can also find "FAQ" in the app, and check the items listed.

    7 Where to find the MAC address of the smart plug?
    Go to the app, find the tab "Devices"—"Device info"—"Device ID" The last 12 numbers is the MAC address.